Barbet Fanciers Association of Ontario

Established 2011


The Barbet Fanciers Association of Ontario is a Regional Club which represents Barbet and their breeders/owners in all of Ontario. The BFAO is made up of a group of individuals who actively own, work with and compete with CKC registered Barbet, both in Conformation shows and in other venues where retrievers excel: Working Retriever Tests, Obedience, Tracking, Agility, and Rally.


The Club: Mission Statement | Code of Ethics

Mission Statement:

  • To pursue honesty and integrity while working together to promote and preserve the Barbet. 
  • To promote the breed through education, responsible ownership and recognized events. 
  • Commit to encourage responsible ownership, including the ethical and humane treatment of all dogs. 

Code of Ethics


1) To breed Barbet that conform to standard of the breed.

2) To breed only from stock that is physically and temperamentally sound.

3) Not to knowingly breed any Barbet that has inheritable diseases/disorders.

4) Keep accurate records of stock, breeding, and pedigrees.

5) Not to sell or donate Barbets to commercial dog wholesalers, retailers, laboratories or raffles.

6) Provide written extended pedigrees, instructional material and complete health records including a veterinary certificate for all puppies.

7) All puppies will have all necessary inoculations, deworming and identification prior to going to the new owner.

8) All pet puppies must be sold with club appropriate Non-Breeding agreements.

9) All show or breeding pups must be sold with a proper contract to protect the Barbet and its offspring.

10) Males and females are not to be bred until they have had and passed all the necessary health testings for  biological defects.  Basic health testings are Eyes, Hips/Elbows.

11) All dogs shown in Kennel Club Show events will be shown under ethical and honest terms for the good of the breed and any deviance from that is solely the responsibility of the handler/owner.

All Members:

12) Maintain an environment of consistently high standards of health and care of the dogs.

13) Maintain memberships with the Barbet Fanciers Club, CKC or AKC/FSS in good standing for the good of the breed.

14) Unethical practices and complaints will be brought before the Barbet Fanciers board for consideration, and if found in violation of these ethics will result in cancellation of membership.

15) Every member is entitled to membership free from harassment or false accusations. The Barbet Fanciers Group will make every reasonable effort to ensure that